plataforma² is pleased to present “1:11 - Inner Personalities”, an exhibition and performance by multidisciplinary artist Ana Sting. This is the artist's first solo exhibition in Spain, as she returns to her hometown to address issues of identity and mental health.The mysterious and transformative photographs of Ana Sting (Barcelona, ​​Spain), are presented through a magnification of the multiple characters that inhabit the body of the artist herself. These beings respond to the need to heal inherited and lived experiences, which have been silenced and repressed by subconsciously imposed hierarchies. Through eight symbolic self-portraits from the “Inner Personalities” series, the artist proposes a reinterpretation of social systems and structures, inviting the viewer to challenge the environment in order to self-realize in a completely dehumanized contemporary world. Each self-portrait is conceived as an independent and intrinsic identity in itself, in which Sting has taken refuge from reality. Identities that have been silenced and repressed, and that for fear of the foreign, throughout the artist's childhood, became defense mechanisms. That is why, through the technique of photography, the artist breaks with the pre-established molds to flourish and "accept each one of these characters that has allowed me to build a space in which to be able to release them".Offering a look at a generalized obsolete model in which personal prosperity is not considered as a modus vivendi, Sting recreates a space where security and trust will be defined as an indispensable action. A space open to experimentation, to get rid of prejudices and social pressures to show the true "I", in which each one is able to control their actions and take the initiative in all aspects of their lives.

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