My paintings forms part of an imaginary, created by filtering what I perceive around me, both physical and virtual reality (Internet 2.0). This is the starting point from which I work the process and the pictorial construction. And, from here, the isms of painting unfold along with its different material and technical possibilities: activating its alchemy, presence and language. I work on large-format supports, in part, because muralism has acquired an important role in my career. In the last years I have been looking for alternatives and at the same time, I have incorporated recycling into the creative process itself. 
Currently I work on hospital sheets of cleaning companies and with plastic paint and dyes. Thus, I present works made with different materials, supports and techniques, and all require a specific presentation and installation, because I understand the exhibition space as another, no less important, way of accessing and presenting my paintings. I believe that it is essential to offer the public the possibility of deconstructing the work in their own way; to extend the field of expertise of the person who’s in front of a piece of work. And, understanding and exploring painting within its limits, I find it necessary to raise it at the same level as its performance, a very present question in all of my work. From intuition to the idea of not contemplating a single final result, images are proposed, different ways of directing and installing the paintings that pick up and continue my previous works. 
As a “spin-off ”, I understand my work as extensions and drifts that, all together, are part of the same project. This way, my work is not presented as a linear work, based on themes or processes, but rather as a rhizomatic type of journey, which feeds itself and is generated through different spaces and forms, creating connections. 
It is important to understand that the coming and going, along with the dispersion that it can cause, are part of a need to get out of a processed comfort zone, of an intention to become more liquid and mutable. Thus, and making direct reference to the meanings of our contemporaneity, I propose the work from these movements and transfers. 
Starting from this research, my exhibition proposal consists on generating a setting in which to dispose the paintings. In this way, halfway between installation and painting, I am interested in establishing a dialogue between both disciplines because I believe that these can converge and create from their interrelation 

Solo Exhibitions

2015 – Solo Show at Sala Planeta Bea Calle Seneca, Barcelona 2019 -”Sense Titol 18x19” Solo show at Nau Bostik, Barcelona 
- “Quel Chouse” Vernissage EXPO, 8 Rue Perchepinte, Toulouse,France 2021- "Jan Vallverdú " Solo show at Galeria Marlborough, Barcelona 
Group Exhibitions
2013 -” In-Completos” Centro de Arte Mutuo Barcelona 2016 -”Postales” Galeria La Place - Barcelona 
Libero Beer ,via tripoli - Roma
2017- NIU- Exposicion colectiva , Galeria l’Atelier de la Pilar Guell -Barcelona 2018- NIU- Exposicion colectiva , Galeria l’Atelier de la Pilar Guell -Barcelona 
- SOUARI Exposicion colectiva. Galeria l’Atelier de la Pilar Guell -Barcelona - “SIN WIFI” colectiva , Nau Bostik -Barcelona
-”Inhibition” collective. (Godsbanen) Aarhus Denmark, 
2019 - Zion Town Kids ( ZTK) co-founder and member of the collective
ZTK Solo show:“ESCENA X” Installation. At Espai de LLuire Creacio Carme Malaret (Sant Just Desvern) 
- Cruixent, COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS, Galeria Espronceda Barcelona 2021- ZTK Solo show “ sotapont” Intallation at B-Murals gallery ( Barcelona) 
- “Inhibition” project (Godsbanen) Aarhus Denmark, 2018
- B-Murals Gallery residence with ZTK collective. ( Barcelona) 
Available Works

Mixed media on paper 
100x120cm. 2021

Enamel on canvas 2022

Mixed media on paper 1
20x100 - 2021

Mixed media on paper
120x100cm - 2021

Acrylic on paper
70x50 cm - 2020

i love me
Acrylic on paper 2020

Last light
Mixed media on paper
120x100 - 2022

Mixed media on bedsheets

Mixed media on sheet
250x150cm - 2020

not your friend
Mixed media on panel
87x59cm - 2021

Mixed Media on Paper

Acrylic on bed sheet.
267x298cm - 2022

Mixed media on paper.
120x100cm. 2021

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